Sweaty sweaters

  • Dirty and broken items have a lot in common. Both represent deviations from their ideal state. Dirty things need to be cleaned, and broken things need to be repaired. Garments that cast doubt on these two concepts seek to de-emphasize their obviousness – to rethink them. These blain sweaters represent a rather anonymous wardrobe basic, something we all have in our closets. What if I can use the sweaters to create a physical “sweat diary” of a 21st-century city dweller, prompting the body-mind to continue making the sweaters, thereby transforming them from anonymous to personal? There is sweat from sauna, working out and eating spicy Asian food. The wearing process becomes a study in which emotion, action, time, environment, and body – in addition to the material and technique – are all intervening. Intuitive design is being taken to a new level when dynamism of living is in charge. And while the wearer continues to make – it is unconscious, yet conscious as putting your ego on the back burner is not only difficult, but also unnecessary. One simply has to allow things to happen – making develops into growing. Perhaps by wearing these garments, you can get excited about determining which situations cause you to sweat the most aesthetically?