Permissive perishability

  • The case study for the seemingly undiscovered ideas of preprogrammed fading comes from the most recognised fabric in the world – denim. Distressed denim aesthetic is so embedded in the collective memory of many of us that we do not question it. It is self-evident.‍ So, what if a sweater could deceive your instinctive, tacit recognition into thinking it’s denim? Is it then “allowed” to be ripped? Once again, water soluble PVA yarn makes the sweaters accessible to being moulded by life.‍ There are two distinct structures– one for sweat and one for rain – to play with “dirty” and “clean” humidity. Contrary to sweat, rain is the ultimate emblem of purity and new beginnings. Thus, rain causes the clothing to become clean, whilst the sweat causes them to become dirty.‍ Designed by sweat or rain, ugly-pretty denim sweaters – are they in the end beautiful or are they ugly, dirty or clean, broken or whole?